The 4 Essential Rights Of Animals That We Need To Know

The 4 Essential Rights Of Animals That We Need To Know

We are all familiar when it comes to the rights of the people because it can protect us. Most of us don’t know that the animals also have their rights that should be practiced all the time. Animals have lives that should also be protected. Check out the essentials rights that we need to provide for these little creatures that will not be able to speak for what they want.

  1. Respect

Animals also know the feeling of pain. As animals that are also given life, we should also treat them with the respect they deserve. There should be no actions done that will put them in harm’s way.

  1. Health

Animals have the right to be treated in the aspect of their wellness. Even if they cannot talk there should no abuse whether it is physical, psychological or even emotional. If there are any health problems, they should be treated immediately by the experts.

  1. No exploitation

We have all heard that some animals are used to gain an advantage even though it already presents an imminent danger to their health. It should not be the case. Animals are there to be our companion. They can give us the love we need, and in return, we need to take care of them as well.

  1. Natural Habitat

It is a fact that many animals are being brought into custody. Some of it is even in cages. People tend to let them live in the kind of environment that they are not used to. Animals have the right to be in a habitat where they belong. It is most suitable for the wild animals that are being taken from the wild.

We should all take into consideration that since animals have lives, they can also feel what we typically feel. We are humans who know what is right from wrong. We should be the one protecting them and not the ones causing them harm.

The 3 Amazing Facts That Most Of Us Don’t Know About Animal Shelters

The 3 Amazing Facts That Most Of Us Don’t Know About Animal Shelters

We all know that homeless animals are being brought to different animal shelters so they can find a temporary home. We may think that once these pets are already in the shelter, it’s already good enough. It’s not. As much as the shelters want to keep every homeless animal out there, the resources may not suffice. Let’s learn some facts about the animal shelters and start thinking about how we can help out.

  1. Purebred animals

When we are looking for a pet that we want to take care, we can’t help but opt for something that is purebred. What we don’t know is that we can find a lot of dogs and cats in an animal shelter that is considered pure breed type of dogs but just suffered from neglect and abandonment. As a matter of fact, more than twenty-five percent of animals in a shelter are from the top bloodline.

  1. It’s not just all about cats and dogs

At times when we think about an animal shelter, the picture in our minds is that we can see a lot of dogs and cats. It is wrong. There are so many animals that you can adopt from a shelter. You can get a rabbit or a turtle to take care of. You will be surprised to see a wide variety of animals that are looking for a permanent home.

  1. Save some bucks

Getting a pet can cost an enormous amount of money. Aside from that, you will also have to spend some more with the training that needs to be done. Animals from a shelter will not cost you as much money. The pets in a shelter are mostly trained about the right things to do in a home. You can also get the guarantee that they will be on top of their health because they are already checked and observed by veterinarians.

Don’t hesitate to visit the nearest animal shelter near you. Numerous pets are waiting to find a home where they can feel safe and secure.

The Top 4 Reasons On Why Dogs Become Aggressive

The Top 4 Reasons On Why Dogs Become Aggressive

When we see a dog roaming in the streets, humans tend to get afraid. It’s because we are scared that these dogs might bite. The truth is that canines don’t just bite randomly. There are reasons on why our furry friends become aggressive. Let’s check out the reasons for dog’s aggression.

  1. Medical Issues

Humans are not the only ones who get irritated when we are feeling sick. Dogs feel the same. If they are having some problems with their health, canines tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and even people. The best thing to do in this situation is to consult with a veterinarian immediately if you can sense aggression accompanied by things such as loss of appetite or hair loss.

  1. Fear Type of Aggression

Dogs get afraid, and if that happens, it can growl or worse, bite. It can happen even if you are trying to get close to the dog with clean intentions. The cause of this could be a traumatic experience, and they are scared that it would happen again.

  1. Protective Instinct

A dog that just gave birth is something that we should not approach carelessly. Mother dogs are very protective with their puppies because they don’t want anyone to take them away or hurt them. It’s mother instinct.

  1. Territorial Aggression

For dogs, their space is crucial. If you invade their home, they can easily retaliate by barking, running after you or worse, these dogs will give you a big bite. If they feel that their home is being invaded, it can immediately result in aggression.

We should all put in mind that dogs have life and they can feel like we do. If we want to make sure that these kinds of aggressions will be minimized, it will depend on how we will raise them. A dog that grew up in a caring family is less likely to be aggressive compared to other dogs that grew up in a violent neighborhood.