About Mimi Paige

Mimi Paige had a profound love of animals and tremendous faith in human nature. With this combination the idea for the Mimi Paige Foundation was started. Mimi had always been involved in animal issues and it disturbed her tremendously the number of animals euthanized annually plus the cost to the tax payers. She felt that if people were educated to do the right thing both of these sad numbers would go down.

Western North Carolina television viewers were greeted every morning by Mimi and what they saw was a keen news reporter, great anchor and they were won over by her wit, intellect and most of all warm smile. Mimi smiled the most when she was around animals. Her favorite job on News 13 was the Pet Pals segment. Pet Pals is a feature to spotlight dogs from area shelters that need homes. Mimi helped portray the animals accurately so they would go to appropriate homes.

Mimi was always anxious to help with animal issues. If lending her name or appearances would help further the cause of responsible animal ownership she would be there. If it was a big event or small she would be there greeting people with her great warm smile, twinkle in her eye and big heart.

Our hearts of the board of directors our heavy with the loss of Mimi but know she would be happy with the message and success of the Foundation.