Welcome to The Mini Paige Foundation!The Mini Paige Foundation is an organization that has one purpose. It is to guarantee the protection of the animals. We are here to ensure that we can raise awareness to the people about the right things to do with our pets. We all understand that there are a lot of animals who are suffering from cruelty, neglect, and imminent violence. Our organization is here to support different groups with the same mission in life. We help out in raising funds to promote the wellness of our pets through the right education. It is because we believe that when individuals are well informed, the threat to the health and well-being of the animals can also be protected.
The Mini Paige Foundation started out helping the cause of the animals for over two decades now. Over the years, we have already helped out in conducting thousands of seminars and animal awareness conferences in a lot of places. We firmly believe that these furry friends of ours should have a voice in the society. Through us, we can reduce the millions of animals that need to go through different shelters and eventually had to go through euthanasia.
The Mini Paige Foundation is here to help, and you can do the same by joining our advocacy.