Making a Donation

The Mini Paige Foundation would like to ask for your help in making sure that we can continue to spread awareness for the benefit of the animals. You can share what you have so there will be more animals that we can help. Your donation can go a long way. It can protect a lot of lives so if you have the means don’t hesitate to help out. A penny can mean a lot to those animals in need.

You can opt for a monthly donation or just process a one-time donation. If you have the same outlook as we do, you will also understand that the animals need our help because of all the trouble that they had to go through. Not every pet guardian is like you who care about the welfare of the animals. There are some who exploit the animals and violate their rights.

Through The Mini Paige Foundation, you will be guaranteed that all the proceeds of your donations will be put to good use. We always update and share the projects we have because it is another way to disseminate the suitable things to do when it comes to our pets.

Join us in our mission to help out the animals in need and thank you for what you can share.