The Top 4 Reasons On Why Dogs Become Aggressive

When we see a dog roaming in the streets, humans tend to get afraid. It’s because we are scared that these dogs might bite. The truth is that canines don’t just bite randomly. There are reasons on why our furry friends become aggressive. Let’s check out the reasons for dog’s aggression.

  1. Medical Issues

Humans are not the only ones who get irritated when we are feeling sick. Dogs feel the same. If they are having some problems with their health, canines tend to be aggressive towards other dogs and even people. The best thing to do in this situation is to consult with a veterinarian immediately if you can sense aggression accompanied by things such as loss of appetite or hair loss.

  1. Fear Type of Aggression

Dogs get afraid, and if that happens, it can growl or worse, bite. It can happen even if you are trying to get close to the dog with clean intentions. The cause of this could be a traumatic experience, and they are scared that it would happen again.

  1. Protective Instinct

A dog that just gave birth is something that we should not approach carelessly. Mother dogs are very protective with their puppies because they don’t want anyone to take them away or hurt them. It’s mother instinct.

  1. Territorial Aggression

For dogs, their space is crucial. If you invade their home, they can easily retaliate by barking, running after you or worse, these dogs will give you a big bite. If they feel that their home is being invaded, it can immediately result in aggression.

We should all put in mind that dogs have life and they can feel like we do. If we want to make sure that these kinds of aggressions will be minimized, it will depend on how we will raise them. A dog that grew up in a caring family is less likely to be aggressive compared to other dogs that grew up in a violent neighborhood.

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